Week starting 12th October

This week ….

…students in Spanish C began their new unit, Cuentos y películas (stories and movies). To start the unit, students watched the movie Valentín, which is a sad but cute film about a young boy growing up in Argentina. The story focuses on the challenges he encounters in his life. So far we have learned how to describe, and give our opinions on, some of the characters from the movie. In this unit we will also learn more about how to use past tenses accurately so that students can eventually write their own short children’s story.

…students in Spanish A started their new unit, Mi familia y mi casa (family and home). In this unit students will learn how to describe their families and where they live. So far students have learned how say who the members of their family are and what they are like.

…students in French 6 have been working on their Chez moi (my home) performance task. Students are creating an imovie that will be a guided tour of their home. Students have planned what they will say and are now in the process of putting together the movie and practicing their commentary.

Thank you to parents who came along to PTCs this week. I look forward to seeing more parents next week!

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Week starting 28th September

Hola & Bonjour,

We will soon be coming to the end of the first quarter and the first units of the year.

This week students are:

(French 6) …. starting to prepare for their performance task next week. Students should review the language from this unit in preparation and need to take photographs of the rooms of their house, as they will be needed for making an imovie.

(Spanish A) …. preparing for speaking and writing assessments next week. Students should review the language we have learned this unit. To do this students can use the slides in the shared folder, notebooks, Quizlet, linguascope.com and Zondle.

(Spanish C) …. preparing for speaking and writing assessments next week. Students can use their notes, the slides in the shared folder and the Quizlet sets to do this.

¡Hasta luego! / A plus tard!

Week starting 24th August

Hola & Bonjour,

This week students are learning:

(French 6) …. how to explain where rooms and things are inside their homes.

(Spanish A) …. how to give ages and birthdays, as well as nationalities.

(Spanish C) …. how to explain why certain habits are good or bad for us and what we can do to have a healthier lifestyle.

¡Hasta luego! / A plus tard!