Week starting 24th August

Hola & Bonjour,

This week students are learning:

(French 6) …. how to explain where rooms and things are inside their homes.

(Spanish A) …. how to give ages and birthdays, as well as nationalities.

(Spanish C) …. how to explain why certain habits are good or bad for us and what we can do to have a healthier lifestyle.

¡Hasta luego! / A plus tard!


¡Hola! Bonjour!

A big welcome to all of my French 6, Spanish A and Spanish C students! I’m very excited about spending lots of active, fun-filled lessons with you all this year. This is the place where we’ll share some of the fantastic work you do.  It will also be a great place to find links to websites you can use to practise your Spanish or French. Remember, lesson resources can be found in the shared Google folder for your class. Information for parents (such as course outlines) can also be found here on the blog.

Students have already made a great start on the first units of the year and over the last week or so have been learning…

(French 6) …. how to describe their homes.

(Spanish A) …. how to introduce themselves, greet others and communicate in the classroom.

(Spanish C) …. how to talk about the foods they eat and why they may or may not be healthy.


¡Hasta luego! / A plus tard!

Miss Mouat